About Us

The Center for Academic Excellence (CEA), part of the Strategic Planning Office of the Río Piedras Campus, is a unit that provides academic and professional development for professors, professors in administrative positions, students, and staff.


Mission Statement

Contribute to the creation of goals and objectives within the Río Piedras campus through the creation of a learning community by means of activities and services that enhance and support teaching, learning, publishing, and research to encourage academic work of the highest quality.  We also support the goals and objectives of the departments and schools of our university.


The Activities and Services we offer revolve around the following Thematic Areas

  • Institutional Policies and Standards
  • Mentoring in Research and Publishing
  • Technology and Distance Learning
  • Teaching and Learning process and Valuation
  • Strategic Direction
  • Administrative Management
  • Ethics Management
  • Innovative Management
  • Academic and Research Direction

Teaching and Learning Strategies

  • Seminars
  • Colloquia
  • Talks
  • Discussion Panels
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Orientations
  • Webinars

Training Program

  • Teacher Training Program: Staff Committee Certification 032, year 2002-2003
  • Management Training Program: Professors in Administrative Positions
  • Training Program related to Academic Senate affairs
  • Training Program in Curriculum Affairs: Department Curriculum Committee
  • Responsible Care and Ethics in Research Training Program
  • New Professors Training Program: Certification 101, year 2000-2001
  • Academic Advisors Training Program
  • Online Training Program

Other Services

Computer Lab for Faculty Support (LabCAD): This lab provides services for teaching and research to the professors of the Río Piedras Campus. Its mission is to facilitate the process of computer technology inclusion in the tasks of education. The LabCAD offers trainings, coordinates academic computing activities and works as a technology advisor. The LabCAD is located on the first floor of the José M. Lázaro Library.