Developing Social Consciousness: Textile waste management

Resumen de la propuesta:

The problem that our research project, Developing Social Consciousness about Textile Waste, seeks to address is the lack of awareness about the unconscious disposing of large quantities of solid waste in Puerto Rico and the world. This social behavior presents an environmental and health challenge in society. The proposed research seeks to know the opinion and perception of the University community regarding textile waste (as an example of solid waste) and its management as well as to develop education strategies about solid waste management. Our stakeholders for this project are the University community (professors, students, workers), Puerto Rico and world populations.

The identified transdisciplinary research areas are Education, Chemical and Biological, Marketing, Social Science, Statistics and Public Policy. The project researchers will design and administer a pre and post questionnaire. Success of the project will be measured by increasing social consciousness through educational strategies (such as autobiographical activities, journals, and share research about consumer behaviors). Results will be compared to initial pre-information data. During this transdisciplinary research project, previously available information about environment, landfills and waste management, will be shared with our target audience. The transdisciplinary project findings will be published in journal form as well as shared in key conferences in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and other US locations as funds permit.

Equipo de investigación: